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Our FA coaches understands the importance of gradual process  needed for the kids to understand and cherish the game, and will explore all the necessary tools to achieve the objective. Wizkidz therefore, offers different training activities; ranging from group session, ''one 2 one'' session, dribling session,goal keeping session, and stamina build up session.


Enrol your child into this session, where we teach him/her the ins and outs of the game. we offer Intense One 2 One Sessions year-round for children of any age, experience level and capability. It’s a great opportunity for a your child to boost his/her performance, with ameasurable practices during each session. Bring your child for free trial and see things yourself why  this session is beneficial to your child.


This session constantly offers a new and exciting approach to your football training. we introduce group training Sessions from drills to practices used by some of the most elite trainers. We know that practice makes perfect, but there is no perfect… so keep practicing with us and you will become perfect........

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