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Wizkidz football academy (WIFA) has been set up by ex semi pro-footballer with the intention to transfer his valuable skills and experience to young boys and girls from 4-12 years old, from all background, all levels and  all capabilities. Our FA qualified coaches  are dedicated to ensure that the kids are developing in verities of areas, such as gaining self-confidence, self-awareness, understanding the fundamentals of the game whilst enjoying themselves. Our sessions are structured to help the children leave a healty life as that has become paramout in the morden society, and most importantly, to develop them as footballers.  Each age group are introduced to a specific training that is aligned to them every single week to monitor their progress and their understanding of the game in a friendly environment. Wizkidz also understands the importance of age differences and  experience levels and therefore, have integrated different training programme into it's development plan. As such, whether your child is a starter or have gained little knowledge about football, there is always a tailored  programme for the kid to follow to enhance his/her development. Wizkidz understand how difficult it could be for parents to combine work and training activities, with that in mind, Wizkidz have a plan in place to assist parents by offering a voluntry pick up service to ensure that kids do not miss their training and parents with job do not have to stress themselves about bringing the kids to the training.

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